Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

We celebrated the New Year down at the Oregon Coast-a relaxing break from the hectic holiday pace. The weather was typical northern Pacific Coast in the winter-rainy, windy, big waves and not a lot of people. In a word, perfect.

It was my husband, me, my sister, brother-in-law, and my niece staying the in their condo and my Mom driving up from her house about 20 minutes away-for breakfast of course. My Mom no longer stays up until 12:00 pm to celebrate the New Year. I guess at some point I may do the same thing...but it always seem like such a neat celebrate something that the whole world celebrates (in their respective time zones). It's like a wave of fresh, new, exciting energy that flows through everyone on the planet-one time zone at a time-totally awesome!

I hope the New Year represents something special for you-turning over a new leaf, renewing something set aside, starting over with someone or something important to you...letting go of someone or something if that's the road to health for you...

for me, I have set my 2 resolutions for the new year:

1. Work for myself full time by my birthday

2. Become a better person (this is an annual resolution that I renew each year at new years). To me this means be more kind, less judgemental and more helpful. This year's focus is when I drive in traffic -should be a good challenge!

What are you changing this year? or, what do you love that you're not changing?

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