Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo Crawl Journal

Here's the front cover-in work:
here's the cover finished - I added black masking tape along the edges so there's an outline around the whole book....I thought that looked cool

first page...

another page in the middle...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Crawl - Seattle International District

I spent a beautiful Sunday with my art friends Gwen, Paula, Jan, Lynne and Louie walking around the international district taking photos in another Photo Crawl organized by Gwen.

We started in Kobe Gardens-which I never even knew was there....

there's a pea patch where the residents can grow their vegetables and flowers...

there were little brightly colored stone walkways peaking out from under thegrass...sometimes the path is hidden and you have to keep your eyes wide open...

...and Chickens!!

then we wandered around the streets packed with people -they were having their annual SeaFair Dragon Festival and several streets were closed off and booths set up with goods for sale, crafts, learning activities and food...

After the crawl, we met up at the Panama Hotel to journal and enjoy a late lunch.

Gwen had made each of us these cool little books out of sheets of folded and gesso'd newspaper -here athey are as we were wrapping up to go home

From the left: Gwen, Louie, and Jan - on the right is Paula and Lynne in front in the green :)

I'll show you my book once I get it all finished.

Thank you friends!


Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy 4th of July!! We're having a Website sale :)

Happy Independence Day!
We're headed off to enjoy a BBQ and fireworks with the family.
But, I would love for you to spend some time shopping at my online store, so I offer you this coupon code: FREE2011 to save 20% off orders over $20 (before shipping and tax).

This code is good through July 5th as many times as you'd like to use it :)
We'll be on holiday through the 5th and will start processing and shipping orders on July 6th

God bless America!