Thursday, April 10, 2014

journal page sketching -catching up

catching up with my Documented Life Project journal pages...I had an incomplete challenge for week 6 and didn't want to post them here out of order.
I know, I know.
I can't help it.
So, here is week 6 challenge, "open your Pinterest board and be inspired*"
*be sure to credit the artist or blogger that inspired you. 

That's Easy-ME!
Ha...I have a photo of Garibaldi Bay where my Mom lives as my wallpaper on my laptop and had been wanting to sketch for a while. Here are the results:

Week 7 challenge, "draw one shape -repeat-add color"
I was driving home in the rain one day and thought to myself what of raindrops were rainbow colored-even is the corresponding outcome of that thought trail:

Week 8 was "add a flap to your flap"  :D  sounds like fun, right?

my results could use some embellishing but here it is anyway:
goodies tucked in an envelope flap for future journal entries...

week 9 "collage something you recycle"

not sure if this is done but it's ok for now:

that shiny stuff is glitter glue and iridescent watercolors 
:D :D double down for more fun.

thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed these pages.
leave a comment if you were inspired -they are moderated so it will take me publishing them before you'll see them.
thank you, Namaste.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

new product prototypes - your feedback is requested!

I am designing an add-on to my Ink Pad Palace drawers that will allow storage for Stickles glitter glues and other products in similar size bottles.
I have two prototypes and am wondering which one people think they would prefer to use.

Can you help me out by posting a comment below with your opinion?

Here are the two options:
A. "Neat and Tidy" circles insert - holds 18 Stickles bottles

Option B - "Ornament Box" style dividers
Holds 21 bottles (3 more than option A)
the bottles are a bit more floppy in this style divider

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment....comments are moderated so you won't be able to see your comment until I review and publish it-I'll do that as fast as I can-Thank You!!