Saturday, April 25, 2009

Early Morning

Today, Collin and I set out on a photography adventure to catch some early morning fog. It was cloudy so we didn't get fog, but we DID get some cool shots and were out before most people around were even awake...totally fun and awesome.

I found a ladybug sleeping on a leaf...

We saw an eagle of some kind up in this beautiful tree. He was huge. He took off and I got a few really good shots-this one is the best.

After we took pictures for a couple of hours, we enjoyed a hot breakfast at the Totem Lake Brown Bag Cafe. A fantastic morning all the way around.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Peep Cupcakes for Easter!

My sister baked the most delicious cupcakes for Easter this year and I got to  help her decorate them. At the request of Greg, my brother-in-law, we put bunnies on some of them -the results are here for your visual feasting pleasure. She also made an unbelievably delicious dinner of rib-eye roast, mashed potatoes, au-jus with red wine gravy, oven roasted broccoli, and green salad. I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures of that-my sincerest apologies  =P
Oh, I almost forgot to mention she tortured us with a delectable apple crisp that we weren't allowed to eat until her hubby got home...dang! She used tart Granny Smith apples and it was divine! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why is my boyfriend in the window?

So, I decided to come home Saturday night after Art Fest this year. A 2-hour drive including the Edmonds-Kingston ferry trip...not too bad. I left after the show-and -tell, so I was on the road around 8:30 pm. I called Collin (my boyfriend) to let him know and he said, "I'm so excited to see you I miss you a lot honey" ( sweet). Then he asked me to call him when I get close. I said, "you bet but don't wait up if you're tired...just go to sleep. " He said OK. So, I get to our exit off of I-90 and call him. It's about 11:15 pm. he's wide awake....our bedtime is usually about 8:00 I'm thinking..."huh...he's up late. He must really miss me" ...Then I drive down our little road and I see him in the living room window watching for me. Wow-he must REALLY miss me......the porch light it out too...hmm...need to remember to replace the bulb again. I drive into the driveway and see a big sign on the garage door that says, "WiLL YOU MARRY ME?" WHAT?!?! Holy COW!!! I start laughing...I'm so happy!!! I get out of the car (completely exhausted from Art Fest) and he opens the door..."Honey!!" I say....he's smiling and hugging me...we go upstairs and he hands me a beautiful little wrapped Tiffany's box...OH MY GAWD I think....I open it and it's gorgeous!

"Honey, will you marry me?" he says.... .01794 seconds later I say "Yes, honey, of course I will marry you!!!".

Then we each had about 1/4 glass of champagne and went to sleep -all smiles and joy!!

That's a shot with Collin and Margie, my BIL's Mommy, on our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago 



Art Fest 2009

I enjoyed another great year at ArtFest!.

I stayed in house 6E with my new friend Jacque B. as my roommate, and Lelainia, Tina, Sharon, Lana, and Joan. It was cool being in a house but I had to drive to all my classes. This is great if you forget things back in your room! I had Susan Wooldridge for Hidden Journal Poems on Thursday; Laurie Mika for 3-D ATCs on Friday, and Fred Mullet for Classic Rubber Fish on Saturday. They were awesome classes and I really enjoyed all of my class mates (as usual). I have good Art Fest Karma because I always end up sitting next to the nicest people-like Andrea in Susan's poetry class, Janice in Laurie's clay class, and Candice in Fred's rubber stamping class - thank you girls!

I also spent a bit of time on the beach this year, took some photos down there and went to the Journaling bonfire/party at the beach house too-always a treat.

Artist's Marketplace (vendor night) was fun-I waited to go until a bit later and Delorse and I had a nice time shopping around. I picked up some cool supplies and a pair of octopus earrings from Katherine England's table - way cool.

It's always so intense, exciting, fun, and exhausting. So, I decided to drive back home on Saturday night so I could sleep in my own bed and be with my boyfriend all day Sunday.

Guess what I got when I got home?

See my next post to find out what my big surprise was...