Saturday, April 29, 2006

Making art for swaps

Greetings again!
Today I am working on some art for several swaps I am participating in. I have gotten addicted to swapping art in the form of Fatbooks and fiber art.
I am working on a mini art quilt swap and figured out my design this morning. I will post a pic of that as soon as I complete one of the quilts. They will be 6" x 6" and our hostess Shari (check out her website here: will be arranging them into a wall hanging - I can't wait!

For now, here is a scan of my Strange Botanicals Fatbook page.

Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Generous Artist

I was fortunate enough today to visit Jami M. (check out her website here: a gal I know from one of my local Yahoo groups. Well, she is moving and has accumulated tons of ephemera and stuff for making art and she offered it for free to any of us in her group who wanted to come pick it up. I was astounded by her generosity and openness. She let me rifle through the stuff she has ready for her moving sale this coming weekend too!
The drive home was beautiful and now I have a whole box of new goodies to look through for my next project - which will be a Thank You card for Jami - of course!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Off and Running....

Greetings and welcome!
I am excited about trying out blogging and hope this will be fun for you too!
I am thinking of using my blog to share day to day artistic discoveries with you, as well as personal updates, thoughts, and opinions. Of course I would love to hear any suggested topics you may wish to hear about.

Weather update: Today is a beautiful day in the lovely Pacific Northwest - it is about 64 degrees (F) with a clear blue sky - perfect!

In my first adventure uploading a picture I have chosen to honor my roots - my silly family! I love this picture because my Sister and Dad look so funny, my Mom looks glamorous, and I just look zoned as usual! I'm sure I was trying to figure out who was taking our picture in that tiny little booth.

Anyway, my message of the day is: Enjoy the time you have! Live, laugh, and have fun!
Hope to see you soon - Dawn