Sunday, April 23, 2006

Off and Running....

Greetings and welcome!
I am excited about trying out blogging and hope this will be fun for you too!
I am thinking of using my blog to share day to day artistic discoveries with you, as well as personal updates, thoughts, and opinions. Of course I would love to hear any suggested topics you may wish to hear about.

Weather update: Today is a beautiful day in the lovely Pacific Northwest - it is about 64 degrees (F) with a clear blue sky - perfect!

In my first adventure uploading a picture I have chosen to honor my roots - my silly family! I love this picture because my Sister and Dad look so funny, my Mom looks glamorous, and I just look zoned as usual! I'm sure I was trying to figure out who was taking our picture in that tiny little booth.

Anyway, my message of the day is: Enjoy the time you have! Live, laugh, and have fun!
Hope to see you soon - Dawn


Madismom said...

You know what is so funny, is that I had no idea my sister was so talented in art until I saw what she could create in highschool. I thought she was just a math wizard..(she did math from algebra up to calculousimaginaryquotionts- type-deals)anyway, check her web-site out,,,it's amazing. She is truly one of the most talented people I have ever met.

Judy Wise said...

Oh, you are sooooo cute. I would have recognized that little face anywhere. This is a great family photo.