Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dutch, Baby!! and other Easter adventures

I spent this Easter weekend on the beautiful Oregon Coast with my awesome family.
Rocketman and I headed down after work on Thursday and arrived around 10:30 pm. Ate a snack and then hit the hay. We slept in the 2nd bedroom and I grabbed the top bunk - I can't remember the last time I slept in a bunk bed :) it felt like a cocoon...very cozy and comfortable after got over the fear that the top bunk would break and crush my darling husband slumbering peacefully below.

We spent Friday in Garibaldi and FINALLY made it into the local bakery-heavens how could we have waited this long?

Look at these sumptuous goodies:



cinnamon rolls

marzipan fruits

and of course

fresh bread!

Yum yum...

This is one of the owner Cathy-super nice...

The sweets were to die for. We found the bread a bit salty but so fresh and moist that a little butter and jam made us forget the salt.

We grabbed a coffee at the coffee shop across the street, which is now run by a Seahawks fan-woo hoo! She made a mean cup of drip by the way.

While my sister headed to the Portland airport to pick up her DH, Rocketman, Twinkle Toes and myself headed down to fredders for some grocery shopping.....grabbed a couple of RedBox flicks and went back up the coast to the condo. We then proceeded to waste 1.5 hours of our collective lives (ok, 4.5 if you add all 3 of us together) on one of the worst movies I've ever seen - SkyLine. I was Soooo looking forward to seeing it and it totally SUCKED :(
I love alien invasion movies, and really, most sci-fi flicks but this was was just soooo lame.
Oh well, now I know ;)

How could I forget: I made a Dutch Baby for the fam....everyone loved it!!
So the phrase for the weekend was Dutch Baby.

I'll be posting soon about a couple of new products I got for the Online Store.



Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Journal

As I neared completion or fullness in my last journal I once again wanted to try something new for this journal. So, I followed the directions in one of my books (Creative Wildfire by L.K. Ludwig) to make a journal with a binding designed to lay flat-useful for us journalers. I also had some Fabriano Artistico 90lb watercolor paper that I had been dying to try and decided to go ahead and make my journal with that paper. I think I like the lighter weight papers but that's also something that changes each time I make a new journal.
I created my newest journal using one of my horse-racing photos on the front and a cool abstract digital painting I made a long time ago on an online Jackson Pollack style painting web site...I liked it so well I printed it out intending to use it in or on one of my journals eventually...well, there it is...
This is the front cover

this is the binding...

this is the back cover....

and here's a page I started