Monday, April 13, 2009

Why is my boyfriend in the window?

So, I decided to come home Saturday night after Art Fest this year. A 2-hour drive including the Edmonds-Kingston ferry trip...not too bad. I left after the show-and -tell, so I was on the road around 8:30 pm. I called Collin (my boyfriend) to let him know and he said, "I'm so excited to see you I miss you a lot honey" ( sweet). Then he asked me to call him when I get close. I said, "you bet but don't wait up if you're tired...just go to sleep. " He said OK. So, I get to our exit off of I-90 and call him. It's about 11:15 pm. he's wide awake....our bedtime is usually about 8:00 I'm thinking..."huh...he's up late. He must really miss me" ...Then I drive down our little road and I see him in the living room window watching for me. Wow-he must REALLY miss me......the porch light it out too...hmm...need to remember to replace the bulb again. I drive into the driveway and see a big sign on the garage door that says, "WiLL YOU MARRY ME?" WHAT?!?! Holy COW!!! I start laughing...I'm so happy!!! I get out of the car (completely exhausted from Art Fest) and he opens the door..."Honey!!" I say....he's smiling and hugging me...we go upstairs and he hands me a beautiful little wrapped Tiffany's box...OH MY GAWD I think....I open it and it's gorgeous!

"Honey, will you marry me?" he says.... .01794 seconds later I say "Yes, honey, of course I will marry you!!!".

Then we each had about 1/4 glass of champagne and went to sleep -all smiles and joy!!

That's a shot with Collin and Margie, my BIL's Mommy, on our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago 




Deirdra Doan said...

what a wonderful story!!! and thanks for your tip on AFF yahoo..didn't know.
PS where is a photo of you? I want to know how to say hi to you.

Deirdra Doan said...

PSS...I don't think I said it well wonderfully romantic...he is a really sweet heart. Look forward to the wedding pictures.

You might enjoy my friend I meet at AF this years wedding dresses.
Here blog is
she has two wedding dresses she made on there right now..and the history of making them.

Dawn E. Shepherd said...

Hi Deirdra!
Thank you for the comments! I will post a picture of myself up here so you can see me =)
Looking forward to meeting you at AFF.
Thanks again for reading my blog!

Syd said...

Awwwwww...I am so happy for you!

Dawn E. Shepherd said...

Thanks Syd! =) me too...