Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had Christmas at my sister's house in Sammamish again this year. She and Greg are the best hosts around and excel in snack-making, laughter inducing face-making and stories, and general frivolity. We were also blessed to enjoy the company of my nephews Thomas and Jonathan, who joined us from Chicago. Add into the mix my wonderful Mommy, my darling niece, my awesome new husband, and the crazy dog duo of Wrigley and Molly and you have a house full of love, laughter and joy for Christmas. I have a truly blessed life for which I express my profound gratitude to our heavenly Father on a continual basis.

Feast your eyes on my joyful celebration...
Greg enjoying a photo of my sissy...

My husband was so surprised! We love the Seahawks and my sis and B-I-L got him a personalized jersey with his favorite number on it. His nickname comes from his current job of building rocket engines.

I filled this neat polka dot photo album for my sister for Christmas. We were on a tight budget this year because we spent a lot of money on our wedding and honeymoon. I picked up this photo album at the Paper Source in Bellevue on sale months ago and had worked on it some before the wedding. So, I went through all of my printed pictures in boxes and all my digital photos and put some good ones in here for her. She loved it!
I love making people smile and laugh...

Mommy modeling her new jacket..

Jonathan and Thomas checking out a cool gift

Me displaying my ultra-cool walking robot pencil sharpener. My sister went to Daniel Smith and got me some totally mouth-watering iridescent watercolors, too, along with the robot =)

Here are a few shots of our tree...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
Blessing to you,

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