Sunday, January 10, 2010

Farewell Paulla

My best friend in the world, Jesse Scott, lost his Mommy on December 15th. She fought a brave fight against liver disease but didn't get a transplant soon enough.
I will miss her very much.
Jesse and his brother Eric have been my friends since jr. high school and have always been there when I needed help or had something to celebrate. Jesse asked me to speak at her memorial and say a prayer too.
Her laughter will be missed the most. She had a laugh that could be heard from 100 miles away....and felt in your soul from even farther. She spoke her mind no matter what-a trait I admire in her and aspire to in my own life. I am reminded of how short a time we have on this tiny planet-time we must spend to do as much good as we can and live our lives.
I thought of those movie scenes where one person is injured and they say "leave me here-save yourself-I've lived my live...."
It made me think - have I lived my life? being alive is not the same as LIVING your life...
LIVE for today so you can look back and know you enjoyed every thing there was for you to enjoy and that you cried all your tears...
I think it was Erma Bombeck who said when I die and stand before my maker I want to be able to say to him I used it all up-everything you gave me I used it all..."
I want to live that life-use up and enjoy every creative, adventurous and wonderful bit that the Lord has blessed me with
....what about you?

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