Saturday, December 27, 2008

Art Fiber Fest 2008!

Wow, Art Fiber Fest in Port Townsend was awesome!!
I got to reconnect with old friends, make new friends and create, create, create!!!
Here are some pictures from show and tell.....this is a wonderful painting by Ty and Marcia Shultz, two unbelievably creative artist/teachers who teach at Art Fest, and attend Art Fiber Fest and other workshops...they are so fun to be around and their wells of creativity are so deep and varied - absolute joys to be acquainted with.

these are the creations for the plushies trade...they were so awesome in person. I won one of the bright green kitties during the raffle!! I was so excited - it was the only raffle prize I wanted =) I was a lucky puck that night for sure. I love my green kittie!!

These are some cute little plushies on display-possibly from the trade as well....aren't they adorable?

This luscious bag was created by the supremely creative Teesha Moore...I'm honored to count her among my friends.

I love love love it!!
It's so much more juicy in person too =D

OK, more later....I'm off to bed!



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