Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Chicago

So, after my sister and brother-in-law have invited us to go with them to Chicago over and over during the past several years, we finally made it happen this past Thanksgiving! My brother-in-law's Mom and 2 sons live there so he goes back a couple of times every month. 

Anyway, we got a killer deal on airfare from Southwest and stayed at the Renaissance (Marriott) about 5 mins from B-I-L's Mom's house in Norridge. We went downtown, we went to Chinatown and got to enjoy the Art Institute (museum)...totally awesome!!
This peacock was on a store in Chinatown. 

Grumpy bear is my B-I-L Greg, taking us to a real Chicago pizzaria. My Mom and sweetie Collin (making that nice face) were there, and my sister and lovely niece. We were tired but really happy to be there. That's a self portrait of me with my mommy - I love that picture of us. So I'm still getting the hang of loading pictures and it has put the last ones I loaded at the top - so, that's the SuperDawg hot dog drive in - very good dawgs and cool place to chill. There's a shot of the bean and the beautiful skyline. Chicago is a great city-can't wait to go back!!

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