Monday, January 12, 2009

Metal Jounals Workshop

OK, so Tracy Moore makes the most awesome metal journals you have ever seen - not sure if you're aware of that fact about him or not. The great news is he has shared his knowledge with us wanna-be's and offered a metal journal workshop. Guess what? I got to go to it!

Let's talk about cool people, in a cool studio, with a warm fire and a funny dog (when she wasn't picking on Steven)...AND, the bestest hosts you've ever thought of....all that combined with the most wonderful variety of metal journals you may ever see in one place...I showed up with a little headache and thought the pounding would make it worse but it actually made it go away! who'd a thunk that?

So, check out the marvelous offerings made by my fellow classmates (and me)- and go ahead, drool over them...I do every time I is a slide show on Teesha's blog with more pictures: Metal Journals

Mine was the silver colored journal with the seahorse and stars on the front, with a red leather binding sewn with blue bookbinding thread. I'm sort of on a red and blue kick right now...I didn't take a picture but there are a couple shots of it on Tracy's slide show linked above

This furry face is Sophie the wonder dog

Peace to you.



Northwest Sellers said...

Oh, I wish I could have gone to this. Maybe they will do it again. Beautiful, amazing metal journals. Thanks for sharing them.

Jacque Book said...


I love the metal journals, how lucky you are to have gotten to attend this class. Maybe you can share some techniques with me at Artfest. Jacque (your roomie)

Lizzie said...

Hi Dawn,
Wasn't this class wonderful? Teesha and Tracy were the bestest and most generous hosts.
The journal with the folded copper inspired be to take Richard Salley's class this year at artfest.
cya there

ELizabeth aka lizard