Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm published!!

Last year, for Art Fiber Fest 2006, I participated in a quilt square Swap, hosted by Shari Beubien. She gathered all the quilt squares from the participating artists, swapped them around, and created these wonderful wall hangings then sent them back to us. She also kept 4 of the hanging with her and mailed them off to Quilting Arts, Cloth, Paper, Scissors gals and guess what?

They published them in the current issue!! It had been so long I had forgotten she sent them to the QA/CPS folks. I was thumbing through my new issue (May/June 2007) and turned the page to page 62 and screamed!!

There were our lovely hangings in all of their quilted glory! On the facing page, they featured close-up pictures of the the beautiful square from Deb May and Suzanne Simantis. Then, I turned the page again and they had done a close-up picture of my square! I was so excited!!!

A big-huge Thank you to Shari for hosting - this is truly the best swap I have ever participated in. She put so much hard work into the swap itself and everything involved in getting them published.