Tuesday, January 14, 2014

painting my journal cover

I started by applying 3 coats of gesso to my planner - I forgot to take pictures of the cover with the plain gesso.

I knew the effect I was going for and had an idea to try to get me there...
I love space and wanted my cover to look like a nebula out in space... :D

SO, knowing that a white background will make your colors seem brighter, I picked out a few fluorescent colors and went to work.

I applied a few larger areas of distinct colors on the front cover(above, right) - using my fingers in order to control the the paint application

and because it's fun to finger paint.

this is the back cover, where I used a paintbrush and got into a little brush stroke groove...
if you look at the bottom, left area of the cover you can see it is fluorescent GLITTER paint....
I mean seriously!

I added some pieces of old book pages I had punched into leaf shapes just before I began painting. You can see them above....I like the fish.

this is a close-up of a set of fluorescent fabric paints I used ....

And here is the final result:
I tried a midnight blue and a black acrylic craft paint and determined the black is what worked.

Those pretty shimmery colors are Glitz Spritz sprayed onto the dried paint. 
There is also a bit of Hottie Patottie Pink Starburst Spray in the mix as well.

Do you think it resembles a nebula? 
leave me a comment - I love hearing from you!

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Cathy von Hassel-Davies said...

WOW it really does! Thanks for documenting how you did this.


tina said...

That's great Dawn. It totally resembles a nebula!