Friday, January 24, 2014

journal prompt week 2: selfie!

the week 2 prompt for the journaling group I'm in was to incorporate a self portrait into my planner (journal).
I have a few photos of myself that I like, so I used one of those.

and then it sort of took a humorous turn....

I drew us under the photo. I like the weird look it, cartoonish or something....sort of like Lynda Barry but not as good (of course) . just that odd hand drawn look
just don't look at my nose.

I want to get more comfortable with drawing people and these are the two I am around the most  :)

I'm still figuring out how I like to do my entries in this new format....


those small pictures are prints from my Pogo printer -they are stickers!
easy...AND I can send photos to it via bluetooth from my cell phone: way cool.

here's the inside cover of my planner. I cut the address off of a piece of mail and taped it into the front, in case my planner and I ever get separated. 

I recommend that you do this in all of your journals. it may get your journal back home to you one fine day

my friend Penelope gave me those cool letters -my initials.....I glued those down and went ahead and glittered them right up.

ooooooo look at all the pretty washi tape :)  :)  :)
I used many different colors and patterns without regard to matching.

 my weeks won't be the same so why make their pages the same?

oh yah-this is one of my month pages I added.
I designed and printed these myself.
I haven't added tabs yet -not sure if I will or not.
I probably will - I like tabs, generally speaking. 
 thanks for stopping by - please comment if you like anything - I moderate the comments so they won't show up immediately, but I love comments and will publish them ASAP.


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Melissa Knowles said...

Love the washi tape....pages look cool and fun !