Wednesday, June 27, 2012

polka dots / prometheus / pillow

my weekend consisted of:
FIRST: a trip to the Dr's office, followed shortly by a trip to Dick Blick Seattle, where I found these little gems :

don't they just make your mouth water? 
You can get some here if you don't have time to swing into Dick Blick's.

I also picked up some La Grand Sennelier Oil Pastels -these puppies are really BIG! "At ¾" diameter × 5" long, each of these pastel sticks is equivalent to eight regular size sticks." quoted from here:

I can't wait to try them out on my next pastel drawing, which, coincidentally is going to be BIG too  :
I got black, prussian blue, and a transparent blender - this is the image from Dick Blick's web site just so you know what I'm talking about.

I picked up an American Easel brand wood panel to work on as well. I want to try out a firmer surface than canvas. Made in the USA too - BONUS!
This image is also from DB's web site - I got the largest one they had in stock at the store which is 18" x 24"

Lunch with my sister in we had a nice long "catch up" We haven't had a lot of time together over the last couple of years because she has been working on and has just earned her master's degree from Seattle University - we are really proud of her :)  :)  Yay Hannah!!

SPOILER ALERT-if you haven't seen Prometheus  yet but plan to skip down to "Finally, ..."
trip into outer space with my DH and brother in law: we watched Prometheus....I really enjoyed it but must agree with my friend Ray Chi that there are a few major annoyances and a few too many WTF moments.
What was the opening scene about anyway?
Why did these so-called scientists have no thought of contaminating the temple where they found the giant face?
What's up with the doofus taking his helmet off right away?? sheesh - I need a little more SCIENCE in my Science Fiction - this is Ridley Scott after all...
just sayin'...

 Finally, during our weekly grocery shopping trip to Fred Meyer I found this lovely, that now lives on my loveseat:

Made in the USA too - woop woop!!

and that was my weekend....  :)


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Ballerinamom said...

Your pastel artwork is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the birdy pillow from Fred's too.

I can't wait to see what you create on the wood :-) make sure it has metallics!