Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new journal pages

drawn from one of my photos. I like this guy.

I don't like the way this one turned out BUT it's another lesson for me to focus on what Lisa taught me and for me to remember to not get wound up about drawing people.

 had a hankering for a poppy so I looked up some photos in Google image search and just went from that with Portfolio water soluble oil pastels...

Also from one of my photos - Chicago skyline in the evening -slightly blurry....this one is not done yet

Also from a photo of a dark red leaf among pale colored rocks at the beach. This one isn't done either - I am going to watercolor the drawing to give it depth.
What have you been journaling lately?


Gwen said...

these are all great, Dawn, I love the juicyness of portfolios, don't you?

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

Yes Gwen - I LOVE the juiciness of the portfolios...and the smell - reminds me of grade school for some reason, in all the best ways :)
Thanks for visiting and commenting ;)