Saturday, June 07, 2014


when all the junk that fills up your life is exploded like shit hitting a fan...most of it is left in shards and dust.....and you're left with scaffolding -the framework of your life-the things that hold it together. the basics -the bones
scaffolding for me is my family and the other basic necessities -food, water, shelter. I'm talkin maslow's hierarchy of needs type stuff here. I mean, when you really spend time to think about it most of the stuff in your life is filler-the things we gain on our road to our notion of success -a successful life for a lot of us has a large component consisting of material/physical THINGS. and some of those things start to take on Meaning because we assign them meaning based on when we acquired it, who we were with or who gave it to us, even the time of year we obtained it. but then the shit hitting the fan happens and all of a sudden you are blinded and sent back to the beginning -the basics. you sort of pray some universal transporter will appear and transport the shards and dust to the surface of the sun or some other equally destructive location so you don't have to deal with it.
but we exist on planet Earth -and in real time -this dimension, we are still limited to having to remove the stuff ourselves -so we can find and bolster our scaffolding.
friends-the good, close ones, family, good and "nice salads"...a good doggie....a few really good glasses of wine or pints of delicious beer...these are the things that bolster my scaffolding. these are really all you need - you will realize what this means to you if you are ever in the unfortunate circumstances of having to do a CLASS 2 DOWNLOAD to clear your life of the shit -the stuff THINGS that start to take up your precious airspace. I really hope for you that you never have to go through this is real life...that you can just think about it and what you would do and use that as motivation to clear out your shit, find your scaffolding and duct tape that motherfucker so it will withstand a nuclear blast.  mine will withstand
but I'm already making my list of shit to dump.
experiences are what make and shape us, not STUFF THINGS

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