Thursday, January 03, 2013

happy new year! goals & new journal & stamp carving

I had the most wonderful holiday with my family. 2 weeks+ off from my day job and lots of shopping and relaxing with my husband....

Rocketman and I enjoyed a special Winter Solstice day in Seattle which included a trip to the Great Seattle Wheel - the new jumbo ferris wheel down on the waterfront.
so. awesome.

I have also been contemplating what my goals will be for this new year. I don't care what people say about starting them any time - it's fun to start with a clean slate - at least with a clean calender :) helps my noodle feel organized and in control.

speaking of calenders....look at the awesome planner my sister gave me for Christmas...she loves planners - and I do too! I am easy to please - pretty much any office supplies will get me twinkling but this planner? it's HOT PINK...I mean real, genuine Flourescent PINK! It seems more orange in this picture but trust is P.I.N.K.!!!

and  AND - it's made in the U.S.A.!! sweeet!

check it out:

the cover is very smooth and the edges are gilded in has maps in the back too...for adventure planning I am sure.

ok so where was I?
2013 goals....
oh yes....

swear less - I'm already working on this one. a challenge for this daughter of an ex-Navy tree trimmer. plus sometimes swearing is fun....

do more yoga - I have a couple of DVDs and a mat and always feel better when I get done. I plan to work this into my workout schedule - starting goal is once a week :)  ooohhhhhmmmmmm I am on tap for tomorrow for session 1 of 2013. check in with me this weekend to see how it went, OK?

pay off 1/3 of my existing debt (not including the mortgage) I have been working on paying off my debt for a few years already and have decided to solidify my goals into something specific this year. Although I will keep the dollar amounts to myself I am pretty sure I can exceed this goal.

become a better person...this is one I started several years ago ( was more like 12 years ago) and have made this resolution with myself every year since.  This is easily my favorite goal because it has become a sort of personal growth challenge for me and I cannot conceivably reach the finish line, can I?  I like that fact and that I am consciously working on the things I want to make better about myself....constantly. It's not so much a list of things as it is a state of mind...a consciousness awareness of my effect on myself and those around me....a recognition of those around me that are better people than I am. something to strive for.
Improve my posture -I started this one last year or the year before and really want to keep working on this. it;s one of those "body habits" that make a big positive difference as soon as I tune into it and work on it.

this is my list so far. I will probably tack on one of my husband's goals of travel more since that will be a really fun one to work on  :)

New Journal
Did I tell you I made a new journal?
I liked my last one so much (read about it here) that I went ahead and made another one just like it- but the fold over flap is shorter....I may sew something on because I really liked having the long flap to close the journal without having to tie, button, zip, or latch anything.

outside covers are this neat gray patterned fabric I got in a fat quarter at Joann's for a different gray project and I ended up not using it. wonder how that happened  :D

the inside is a nice heavy canvas harlequin fabric in taupe and cream colors...nice.


a couple journal pages about our wonderful first day of winter. yes, I misspelled Solstice but I know what I meant  :P

I found a cool sketch I made of a flower and wrote a command to myself next to it: "carve."

so I did.

and then I did some more.
I have a crush on this tree design I saw on some paper from Echo Park Paper company and decided to carve one into a stamp.
that stamp was lonely so I made it a tree stamp friend...and another.

this is something I saw in a Gevalia coffe commercial on TV - on a coffee mug! I am pretty sure it looked better on the mug but I captured the essence of the design - whihc was the point. that, and to carve some more. it's pretty addicting.

thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year to you!!
I love comments so will you let me know you were here?



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Unknown said...

love! my theme for 2013 is "fish or cut bait". time to do some things, toss some things, sell some things.
I love that first photo of the wheel..I need to get down there and take some photos too. You two are beautiful!