Monday, January 23, 2012

new journal

this is my new "everyday" journal....I do my regular journaling in here, draw, paint and just "noodle" around as Judy Wise would say. :)

I made this by using the Faux Leather journal technique in the November-December 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, but I altered the technique a bit. I followed the directions when I made my first one - my Holidays 2010 journal - but wanted to have fabric on both sides of this one. So, I fused fabric to both sides of the brown paper bag paper (without crinkling it up as directed). The inside is this nice aqua corduroy fabric I used for a zipper pouch for my niece ( a Christmas gift that she loved :D); I actually used the lovely blue rose fabric on the outside for that zipper pouch too -this is when I fell in love with that fabric combination.
Then I just did the math: need a journal + love those fabrics together x faux leather technique = lovely new fabricy journal.

See, math can be fun

I also used some signatures I had leftover from our wedding reception. I had made a bunch up and put them on the tables for people to write notes to us and draw pictures and stuff. I made a lot of them and had many left and knew I wanted to make a journal out of them - this was the perfect opportunity.

I sewed them in with my machine which became challenging after the first 3 - then I figured out that I should try and use my zipper foot on my machine and there are 7 signatures in there - nice and thick.

Here is a close-up of one of the blue roses that I just had to glitter - and now I'm planning to do a few more :) I know, what a surprise!

Still trying to figure the best closure for this so it's still "in work" a bit - but I'm already using it (of course).

what do you think?

thanks for stopping by

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Gwen said...

Another gorgeous and ingenious journal! I have always loved the color combination of dark brown with aqua, or turquoise/light blue! This is beautiful, and I love that you sewed the signatures in on the machine!