Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Art Classes with my Sister!

So, my sister has always said to me, "you're the artist in the family" which I knew was not true and I finally got to prove it to her :)
I took her to Art & Soul in Portland this year and we enjoyed two fabulous classes together.
We took Roadmap to the Creative Life from the most awesome and wonderful Judy Wise on Saturday and then Freedom to Create with the amazing Jesse Reno on Sunday.
My sis wanted to Paint Big and that's what we got to do....I made her a journal for our class with Judy and she fell in love with metallic paints and the whole art journaling process...totally awesome!

Finally, I took Dolls for Big Girls with Judy on Monday and it was wonderful. One of my table-mates asked if I had made these dolls before - which I haven't; she replied, you are good girl! :) Made me feel good.

These are our artworks from Jesse Reno's class:

Thanks for stopping by - I'll ad photos of our journals and my doll as soon as I get some good pictures.


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