Friday, June 04, 2010

Will You Still Dance When You're 60?

Interesting question my husband posed to me the other evening. My thought was, of course, "Why wouldn't I?" also floating in there was, "Are you serious? are you insane?...don't you LOVE music too?" I love how thought provoking this question is for me. He had no notion of investigation just a thought that occurred to him as I was "getting down" while he was driving us home from my Mom's house on the OC last Sunday. We were laughing at me and enjoying the song on the radio.

I can't help it-I love music and I now understand that I see myself as always "the same age" - like that wonderful quote, "we are always the same age inside"
That's how I feel emotionally and spiritually. Physically I'm close but also know my body has no choice but to endure what I Gratefully and Thankfully put it through-in other words, age as my days pass.
Music is a unique human experience that can connect you with people -it's something we can share and enjoy without needing to "U N D E R S T A N D " it...I listen to French music but don't speak a lick of French (yet) but I am still feeling the music and what it means;

namaste & much Love

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