Thursday, April 22, 2010

Surgery time!

Well, I had to have a surgery to remove 4 large alien eggs from my uterus. OK, they weren't really alien eggs, they were fibroids - non cancerous tumors that are fairly common among women. I started out with the plan to remove 2 that were "discovered" during my annual. But an ultrasound revealed there were actually 3 - and then when my surgeon was in there he found there were really 4 - one had been hidden behind of of the other big ones.

ANYWAY, the surgery was done laparoscopically on March 10 and I recovered for 3 weeks and went back to work. We removed them to make room to make a baby-yeah!!

I'll save you from the horror of the photos my surgeon gave me of the surgery and the fibroids and instead will share with you a couple of the journal pages I did while recovering - once I got back to being able to sit up awake (without pain meds) for a couple hours at a time!

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