Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Australian Honeymoon -Part 1 -Sydney

Well, off we went to the land down under!
It was a loooong plane ride (13-14 hours from San Francisco after a couple of hours to get down there from Seattle) but they were playing really good movies. I saw some of the new Star Trek movie, but fell asleep in the middle of it.
We arrived in Sydney and waited in this very organized line to get a taxi...drove us right to our hotel which was absolutely beautiful! It was the Four Points by Sheraton at Darling, great lobby, super-comfy BIG bed, and a deck overlooking the harbor. A true honeymooners dream hotel. The staff was friendly and professional and took good care of us..

We were a short walk across a pedestrian walkway from the harbour, which included the Sydney Aquarium, The Sydney Wildlife Park, and oodles of little cafes, bars and shops. There is a big pedestrian/bicycle bridge that goes across the harbour, and they have a monorail just like Seattle. It was a nice warm 70 degrees while we were there...we walked everywhere and spent one day riding the monorail around times.

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