Friday, August 21, 2009

Art Wedding Shower

Life is truly grand!
I was treated to an art wedding shower hosted by my friend Teesha Moore at her home on Friday, August 7. We had a yummy berry cobbler with ice cream and I was given the most incredible gift: each attendee, including several friends that could not physically join us, made me a cookbook/journal page! It's art AND recipes of their favorite dishes - holy cow this stuff sounds yummy and the pages totally blew me away!Teesha also created this awesome fabric cover for the pages so I can add more to it later if I get more pages or make one of my own!

Then, we went out to her studio for some drawing and painting fun! We did some totally cool drawing exercises, like using our non-dominant hand to draw something, draw something or someone without looking at your paper, draw something without lifting your pen...awesome! Then, Tara had the grand idea of doing exquisite corpse drawings that came out completely fabulous! Check everything out above...

Thank you ladies for my very special art wedding shower-I will remember that night forever!

Much love - Namaste,


tina said...

It was a fabulous evening Dawn! I'm so glad I joined the fun.

Jeanne said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

Gwen said...

This looks so awesome! I will always keep the AF yahoo group on digest, so I don't miss out on this kind of fun! Let me know the dimension of the journal, and I will make a page to add to your book!

Dawn E. Shepherd said...

Tina -it was so wonderful to have you there to enjoy the party -you are so inspiring to hang out with =)

Jeanne -thank you so much for taking a peek at the blog! =)

Gwen - that is a great offer that I will totally take you up on-watch for an email with the dimensions (I have to go get my ruler out). ..

Thank you girlfriends!

Mary lin Huskamp said...

So sad I couldn't be there. Looks like a FABULOUS and FUN time!


Dawn E. Shepherd said...

Thank you Marylin-I loved your page and goodies and missed you a bunch!
Can't wait to see you again,