Saturday, September 06, 2008

Heart Art

I am a team captain at my work for the AHA Heart Walk coming up in October. They are having a silent auction next week so I made these two small (3" x 3" canvas)artworks to hopefully raise a little more money.

The blu-ish background is some used art paper towels laid down and then painted over a little with Starburst Stains Baby Blue Eyes Aqua to make it shimmer - it's hard to see the shimmer in this picture. The heart is made of paper clay - painted and glued on with Sobo craft glue.
The red background is acrylic on canvas and a paper clay heart that I stamped in while still wet. then after it dried I broke it and painted it with acrylic paint and more Starburst Stains. I call it "Still Beating," as in my heart has been broken but it still works!

Oh ya, here's my ArtFest 2009 registration envelope - the theme is Sea Monsters - cool, huh?

Enjoy your day - it is your to make the best of.


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