Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hello and Happy New Year!
I've been busy making art for swaps and designing some new stamps. I'm not precisely sure when they'll be done and for sale but I've got some cool sketches to use as designs.
I've decided that I will make more art for myself this year and discover/develop my personal artistic style.
I have this bad habit of "thinking Lack" - lack of time, money...as in, " I don't have enough time to finish X," or," I don't have enough money for Y." This is one of the major roadblocks to reaching my goals and is on all of my personal development study programs - your thoughts determine your reality.
I am going to change my thought patterns from thoughts of lack to thoughts of abundance - this should help bring about some positive changes I am expecting in my life.
Have a prosperous and abundant day!

Artfully yours,

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